Dear collectors, pinners and web lovers,

after two years of development, I am now happy to introduce you to myRealPin


the successor of your popular joomla component RealPin. Join this exiciting new journey and explore the new possibilities of myRealPin - the content network.

Try it out now!

Collect and pin any content, be it from your local computer / device or any website. Create your unique collection of things you like.

What's new

Lots of people loved the idea of pinning images, writing small notes and even embedding videos – you can still do this, but with a completely new design that gives you more creative freedom. The possibilities are endless!


With the new myRealPin, you can

  • Create and embed content of nearly any source
  • Style and Individualize your collections
  • Structure things you like into an unlimited amount of pinboards
  • Collaborate on shared pinboards and link items
  • Connect and share with your friends on facebook and beyond

Try it out now!