Don't panic, the joomla component will stay free of charge. 

But you also have the possibility to purchase a pro-version, by which you can further support this project and benefit from additional features like the removal of backlinks. In this way, you can adjust your pinboard more to your needs.

See example here: DEMO2

Pro-Version Features (valid for a single joomla installation only!):

  • favored support
  • own logos can be used
  • backlinks can be removed
  • up to 20 pinboards per installation
Email address
Target domain

To start the purchase, just type in your email address + domain and submit the form. After payment (paypal) you will receive a code via email (usually at the same day), by which you can upgrade the default version to the professional version. Price will be 25 Euro (~30 USD). Please note: Invoicing is not possible!